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Hellraiser Radio 2/16/12 "Giant Tits and Camo Quiz"


Hellraiser Radio 2/2/12 "Superbowl and Groundhogs"


Hellraiser Radio 1/12/12 "PSATs and Kunta Kent-A's"

Holy shit. We start out 2012 with THAT? A Kunta Kinte reference?! Shit, we can't possibly be that racist ...can we?

... ... ...We need a black friend so very badly.

On the first show of the new year, we discuss Chaz Bono's dick (or lack therof), the most racist sandwich shoppe in all the land (Spoiler alert: Not Subway), the PSATs and their cultural bias, pro-slavery math quizzes, a little bit of bus-stop misogyny, and we invite you to play along as we begin a rousing game of "Porn star or My Little Pony."

Can you believe people can't tell the difference?

Like a Jesus-freak quarterback vs. a storied Philadelphia franchise, Hellraiser Radio is ready to prove everyone wrong and take top honors (provided our opponents are very, VERY injured).


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December 22nd "Cocaine, Muff Marches, & Cammos For All"

As we close the book on another year we think about all we accomplished......ok.......not that much but we did figure out a few things.

Don't let an alcoholic sit in on your show when he's already drunk.

Don't give out the real name of someone who has sex on the internet if you don't want to out her to her family.

Mark's sexuallity is questionable................and that's ok.

and under no circumstance do you willingly drink a Cammo Black......unless your John......and he doesn'r drink anymore so what does that tell you.

Merry christmas and Happy New Years Mofos. See you in 2012 as we will be your weekly countdown to Armageddon.

#Drinkwithus  #Godwouldapprove  #Hellraiserradio



December 8th "Aids, Murder, & Tookus"

Albert Pujols, CJ Wilson, Mark Buehrle, Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol, Chris Paul (CP3) and Emeka Okafor.

These are names you will NOT find on Hellraiser Radio this week!

What you WILL find is a discussion on Hellraiser's latest contribution to the English language, a 7 year old sexual assaulter, a story about AIDS and murder (or as Richie calls it: Tuesday), a bitch/cunt/whore/slut that skips on birth control pills and may or may not get her just desserts, and the coolest grandpa ever reading his will. 

Like communicator call from Zordon, Hellraiser Radio is in your face and making you ask yourself "Why don't they just call the giant robot down and have him step on the monster?"