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Hellraiser Radio Se04 Ep03 "Dumptrucks and Buttfucks"

After an Independence day with blood alcohol levels higher than any soaring firework, Hellraiser Radio rallies and brings the funny and the drunk as only we can. 

This week, we hit such topics as Andy Griffith, 4th of July, hangovers, energy beers, Little League, New Jersey, plastic surgery, consortium, women too ugly to fuck, puberty, spanking, mental disorders, alcoholism, an Independence day edition of Doubleshot, Thomas Jefferson. Ben Franklin, happiness, malls, Abercrombie and Fitch, and buildings shaped like penises.

Like a movie about male strippers, Hellraiser Radio sees a lot of law breakers out there tonight and we are ready to service you all!

Click here to stream/download

Or watch the webcast below

Saluté! (especially our listeners all the way in Italy this week)


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